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Alana O. Rogers Dance Company. Photo: Ernie Sapiro.




"we must lose our way to find our way" Seattle Dances, Oct. 10, 2023

"Seattle dance performances you don't want to miss in fall 2023" The Seattle Times, Sept. 5, 2023

"Rogers captures her dancers’ individualism" NW Theatre, Mar 6, 2022

"Evolutionary Choreography" Seattle Weekly, Nov 16, 2016

"Constant Flux in Into Ice" Seattle Dances, Nov 14, 2016

"creativity fueled by rigorous inquiry" Seattle Dances, Nov 4, 2016

"a quiet and profound ending" Seattle Dances, Feb 20, 2015

"its all-too-human inevitability of defeat" The Seattle Star, Oct 15, 2014

"an edge of urgency" Seattle Dances, Oct 17, 2014

"abstracted narratives" Marcie Sillman, Oct 13, 2014

preview: "a new m.o." Seattle Dances, Oct 8, 2014

"an invisible Gepetto-like puppet master" Marcie Sillman, Dec 20, 2013

"intense eye contact as a form of touch" Art Nerd Seattle, Dec 16, 2013

"a world of discovery" Seattle Dances, Dec 16, 2013

"pastel-painted bodies" the Stranger SLOG, Dec 14, 2013

"highly-trained performers" Seattle Dances, Oct 2, 2013

"lush movement mingled with precise details" Seattle Dances, Mar 28, 2013

"dramatic silence and open floor space" The Seattle Star, Mar 28, 2013

"no rough edges appear" Seattle Dances, Mar 20, 2011

"she half-flies out of his arms" The Seattle Times, Mar 23, 2011

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